Tree Health, Condition and Risk Assessment

Tree Health, Condition and Risk Assessment

Tree health and safety are primary considerations for tree management in urban areas.  Trees are considered hazardous when they have structural defects which make them prone to failure which could cause personal injury or property damage.  Tree health, condition and risk assessments are central to our arborist works.

Michael is professionally trained in assessment of tree health, condition and risk.  He uses the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) best practice methods (TRAQ) and Visual Tree Assessments (VTA) to identify hazardous trees with externals signs of decay, structural defects, physical damage and site conditions which affect tree health and vitality.

Probing tools are used to detect defects in the root crown, trunk, branches and branch unions which can increase the risk of harm to people and property.  Where necessary, we work with colleagues to provide specialist diagnostic tests such as Picus Sonic Tomograph tests for internal decay detection.

Michael can advise on management options to correct tree hazards and minimise the risk of harm from tree or branch failure.  These include tree pruning, cabling and bracing, tree removal, target management and tree health improvements.

Tree pruning specifications include crown thinning and remedial (restorative), selective, reduction and formative pruning.  These are regularly specified according to the Australian Standard AS 4373-2007 Pruning of Amenity Trees.

Some of our recent tree health, condition and risk assessment projects are as follows:
  • Tree health, condition and risk assessments and reports for retained trees prior to and following tree corridor clearing at Pillar Valley, Maclean, Harwood, Chatsworth, Mororo, Tabbimoble, Wardell, Coolgardie and Pimlico
  • Gympie Messmate tree health and condition assessment following termite treatment, Lismore art gallery
  • Cudgerie (Flindersia schottiana) tree health and condition assessment and pruning recommendations, Eltham via Lismore
  • Tree health assessment, report, remediation and monitoring program for Norfolk Island pines following severe hail storm damage, Byron Bay
  • Tree risk assessment & report for a significantly leaning Pink Bloodwood with a large wound, heartwood cracks, wood separation and termites, Illuka
  • Tree risk assessments and reports for over 1200 trees at 8 Public Schools – Ballina, Brunswick Heads, Modanville, Tregeagle, Goolmangar, Coraki, Woodenbong & Urbenville
  • Tree risk assessment of two very large Strangler Figs near a rural residence, Dalwood via Ballina
  • Tree risk assessment of a Scribbly Gum with substantial dead xylem heartwood, Byron Bay
  • Tree risk assessment in Crown Land neighboring private residences, Maclean
  • Tree Health Assessment & Arborist report for four large pines, NSW Trustee & Guardian, Lismore
  • Assessment of proposed tree removal and pruning of roadside trees and tree clumps between Dirty Creek and Coolangatta for the Far North Coast Hazard Trees Program
  • Tree risk and pruning assessment for a large Tallowwood (Eucalyptus microcorys) affected by lightening and leaning over a road, Richmond Hill via Lismore
  • Tree risk assessment & report for numerous trees as part of proposed residential development, Wollongbar
  • Tree risk assessment and report for 130 trees, Blue Hills College, Goonellabah via Lismore
  • Tallowwood tree health and remedial pruning assessment, Lismore Heights
  • Tulipwood tree health assessment, St Andrews Village, Ballina
  • Tree health and phytophthora assessment, coast cypress pines and grass tree communities, Jali Aboriginal Land Council, Wardell

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arborist tree risk report 225x300 Tree Health, Condition and Risk Assessment

Substantial decay below codominant stems in over mature and hazardous Coastal Cypress Pine, arborist tree risk assessment report, Brunswick Heads Public School

tree risk assessment Ballina 225x300 Tree Health, Condition and Risk Assessment

Arborist tree risk assessment, report and recommendations, Ballina Beach Village, South Ballina

arborist tree decay assessment 300x225 Tree Health, Condition and Risk Assessment

Small diameter drill arborist assessment of decay cavity in Small-leaved Fig tree, Blue Hills College, Goonellabah via Lismore