Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring programs are regularly included as conditions of development consent by councils and other consent authorities.

Arbor Ecological develops, implements, evaluates and reports on environmental monitoring programs tailored to individual projects.  Our monitoring programs are designed to detect environmental changes, trends and environmental impacts.  They provide an indication of the effectiveness of mitigation measures in place and the success of rehabilitation efforts.

We regularly include photo points to visually record changes to vegetation communities including survival of native plantings, weed and native plant recruitment, and vegetation community health.

Tree Monitoring and Certification

Councils often require a qualified Arborist to verify and provide written confirmation that retained trees on a development site have been correctly protected in accordance with development consent conditions and an approved Tree Protection Plan.

Arbor Ecological works closely with builders and project managers to monitor tree health during construction, and specify tree protection measures and any remedial works or tree health maintenance.  Our tree health monitoring services extend beyond the development construction phase to ensure continued tree health and vigor.

Arbor Ecological environmental monitoring services include:

Some of our environmental monitoring projects include:

    • Tree and vegetation health and condition monitoring at Pacific Highway upgrade ancillary facilities between Grafton and Ballina
    • Ecological monitoring of threatened species, Endangered Ecological Communities (EECs), vertebrate pests and phytophthora root rot at Shannon Creek Dam via Grafton
    • Vegetation monitoring for property vegetation plans at Tweed Heads, Lismore, Ballina and Casino
    • Environmental change monitoring of vegetation and fauna habitat, Ballina rural subdivision
    • Tree health monitoring following trenching operations, Illuka
    • Tree health and phytophthora assessment and monitoring, coast cypress pines and grass tree communities, Jali Aboriginal Land Council, Wardell
    • Norfolk Island Pine health monitoring following development impacts, Lennox Head
    • Phytophthora monitoring in avocado orchard, Alstonville

Click on the photos below for information on our Environmental Monitoring projects, or to discuss your project requirements please Get in Contact.

tree health arborist 300x225 Environmental Monitoring

Tree health arborist monitoring during construction works, Cardwell North Queensland

arborist tree health monitoring 225x300 Environmental Monitoring

Tree health monitoring and treatment of Norfolk Island Pine following development root damage, Lennox Head

ecologist phytophthora disease assessment 225x300 Environmental Monitoring

Phytophthora disease ecologist assessment and monitoring in Endangered Ecological Community (EEC), Jali Indigenous Protected Area, Wardell via Ballina