Bushfire Vegetation Assessments

Bushfire Vegetation Assessments

Bushfire Assessment Reports are required as part of development applications in NSW on bushfire prone land.

Vegetation and slope assessments are critical for bushfire assessment reports for single dwelling development applications and land subdivisions.  Our reports are prepared in accordance with NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) guidelines, Building in Bush Fire Prone Areas Single Dwellings 2016 and Planning for Bush Fire Protection 2006, and in consultation with local councils and the NSW Rural Fire Service.

We use bush fire risk maps sourced from Council and determine actual bushfire risk from site analysis.  Features which are taken into account include vegetation type and structure; distances between vegetation and buildings; slope assessment; fuel loads; fire history and proposed development layout.

Bushfire protection recommendations focus on vegetation and fuel load management, particularly in relation to Asset Protection Zones (APZs), building setbacks and site access.

As part of Michael’s contract work with Lismore and Byron Councils he has reviewed and made recommendations on vegetation management for bushfire management as part of development and rezoning applications.

Our bushfire assessment and reporting projects include:

  • Vegetation, slope and distance assessments for Bushfire Attack Level calculations, single dwelling DA, Larnook via Lismore
  • Vegetation, slope and distance assessments of Asset Protection Zone (APZ) for Bushfire Attack Level calculations, dual occupancy DA, Maclean
  • Bushfire hazard assessment of houses adjoining SEPP 14 wetland, Ballina
  • Bushfire assessments and reports for housing developments at Tatham, via Casino and Rosebank via Lismore
  • Review of bushfire management plans for Lismore and Byron Shire Councils as part of development and rezoning applications

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fire vegetation ecologist Ballina 300x225 Bushfire Vegetation Assessments

Ecologist bush fire vegetation assessment and Review of Environmental Factors (REF) of wetland vegetation adjoining houses, Ballina Shire Council

ecologist fire assessment 225x300 Bushfire Vegetation Assessments

Ecologist bushfire vegetation assessment of Asset Protection Zone, Maclean