Wildlife Fauna Nest Boxes

Wildlife Fauna Nest Boxes

Wildlife / fauna nest boxes are increasingly being used to conserve our native fauna by providing them with shelter and breeding opportunities.  Naturally occurring tree hollows are scarce, particularly in urban areas, and competition to occupy them is fierce.

Arbor Ecological supplies and installs a range of fauna nest boxes for native animals, sourced from Nest Boxes Australia for superior box design and materials.

Nest boxes are tailor made and located to suit the requirements of our different birds, arboreal mammals and insectivorous microbats.  Considerations include box dimensions, positioning, opening size and myna-proof baffles.  This is important to maximise the chances of nest boxes being successfully used by target species.

We also offer nest box maintenance and monitoring services, and use tree structural stags to build artificial hollows in trees as per the Hollows for Habitat program.

For more information on our fauna nest box supply and installation services or to discuss your project please Get in Contact

nest box bird hollow 201x300 Wildlife Fauna Nest Boxes

Eastern Rosella using nest box

hollow fauna habitat 300x225 Wildlife Fauna Nest Boxes

Nest hollow for placement in tree as fauna habitat, Lismore